Orca3D - Marine Design

Orca3D is a powerful 3D marine design software that offers a comprehensive set of tools for naval architects and boat designers. Whether you are designing a small fishing boat for lakes or a larger vessel for the sea, Orca3D provides the functionality and precision you need to bring your designs to life.

  1. Versatility: Orca3D is suitable for a wide range of watercraft, from small boats to large ships, making it the ideal choice for designers working on various marine projects.
  2. Accuracy and Precision: The software's advanced hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis tools ensure that your designs are optimized for performance and efficiency.
  3. Integration with Rhino: Orca3D seamlessly integrates with Rhino, a popular 3D modeling software, allowing for a smooth workflow and easy transition from design to analysis.
  4. Ease of Use: With its user-friendly interface, Orca3D is accessible to both experienced professionals and those new to marine design, enabling efficient and intuitive design processes.
  5. Support and Training: Customers have access to extensive support resources and training, ensuring that they can make the most of the software's capabilities.
  6. Industry Recognition: Orca3D is trusted by leading naval architects, boat builders, and marine engineers worldwide, making it a respected and proven solution in the industry.

Whether you are an independent designer, a boat builder, or part of a larger design firm, Orca3D empowers you to create innovative and high-performance marine vessels with confidence.

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