Kangaroo Physics is a plugin that allows users to simulate physical phenomena within Rhino 3D .

It was developed by Daniel Piker. One of the main features of Kangaroo Physics is its ability to simulate real-world physics such as gravity, friction, and collisions. This allows users to create more realistic models that behave in a similar way to their physical counterparts. For example, users can create a model of a bridge and see how it behaves under different loads, or simulate the movement of a bouncing ball to see how it reacts to different surfaces.

Kangaroo Physics also includes a range of tools for creating and manipulating objects within a simulation. Users can create points, lines, and surfaces, and apply forces and constraints to them to control their behavior. This allows for a wide range of possibilities, from simple simulations like bouncing balls to more complex systems such as mechanisms and machines.

One of the key benefits of using Kangaroo Physics for Rhino3d is its integration with the Rhino3d software. Users can create and edit their models within the same interface, making it easy to switch between modeling and simulation tasks. Additionally, the plugin includes a range of visualization tools, such as the ability to view the simulation in real-time or to create animations, which can be useful for demonstrating and explaining complex systems.

Overall, Kangaroo Physics for Rhino3d is a powerful and versatile tool for simulating physical phenomena within the Rhino3d software. Its integration with Rhino3d and its range of tools make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including design, engineering, and scientific research.

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