madCAM is a plugin for Rhino3D that allows users to generate precise toolpaths for CNC machining. It was developed by Mads Kyed Jensen, a Danish engineer with a background in both 3D modeling and machining.

madCAM is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that allows users to quickly and easily create toolpaths for a variety of different materials and applications. It integrates seamlessly with Rhino3D, so users can work with their 3D models and use madCAM to create toolpaths without having to switch between different software programs.

One of the standout features of madCAM is its support for five-axis machining. This means that users can create toolpaths that move the cutting tool in multiple directions, allowing for more complex shapes and surfaces to be machined. It also supports a wide range of different machining operations, including milling, drilling, and lathing.

In addition to its toolpath creation capabilities, madCAM also includes features for optimizing toolpaths, such as minimizing tool travel distance and reducing the number of tool changes. It also includes a tool library, so users can easily access and select the appropriate tools for their machining needs.

madCAM also has a range of post-processing options, allowing users to output their toolpaths in a variety of formats for use on different CNC machines. It also includes a tool wear simulator, which allows users to see how their toolpaths will perform over time and make adjustments as needed.

Overall, madCAM is a powerful and reliable tool for generating toolpaths for CNC machining. Its support for five-axis machining and a wide range of machining operations, as well as its optimization and post-processing capabilities, make it a valuable asset for anyone working in the CNC machining field.

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